Johnstown, PA
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Johnstown, PA

Western Pennsylvania is generally recognized as being its own dialect. With that, you will find the locals using words and phrases that the rest of the country may not understand.

Crawfish: Crayfish

Crick: Creek

Gumband: Rubberband

Pop: Soda.

Steeler Nation: The name for the millions of Pittsburgh Steeler football fans located throughout the world. The geographic inference is due to the mass exodus of Western Pennsylvanians during the steel collapse of the 1980s. As a result, most cities in the United States have large throngs of Steeler fans (ranging from dozens to thousands per city,) Steeler organizations and bars/restaurants dedicated to Steeler fans who gather in force on gamedays. The Steeler Nation is considered by many to be the largest and most spreadout fan base for any sports team anywhere, and are known to turn many opposing fields into virtual Heinz Fields. Steeler fans are known for their violent waving of the "Terrible Towel," a small yellow towel brought about in the 1970s by Myron Cope
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Yinz (also yuns, yunz, yins and y'uns): This is an address to you as a plural. For instance, "Are yinz going to the Chiefs game tonight?"