Johnstown, PA
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Johnstown, PA
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Central Park Downtown N40°19.540406' W78°55.093689'
Chapin Arch Original entrance to Grandview Cemetery N40°18.819' W78°55.001' 1427 ft
Gallitzen State Forest Route 56, Clear Shade Wild Area Entrance N40°09.458' W78°34.997 2520 ft
Conemaugh Gorge Overlook Route 56, Hawes Pike N40°21.965' W78°57.543' 1338 ft
Devil's Rock Trailhead, end of Hipp Street
Devil's Rock Overlook N40°19.307286' W78°54.283233'
Discovery Center Broad Street N40°20.419518' W78°55.853612'
Flood Museum Washington Street N40°19.679904' W78°55.243195'
Grandview Cemetery Main entrance gate, Millcreek Road N40°19.014025' W78°55.582602' 1592 ft
Grandview Cemetery 1889 Flood Unknown plot N40°18.920 W78°55.615 1612 ft
Heffley Springs Route 56, Hawes Pike N40°22.516' W78°57.986' 1392 ft
Inclined Plane Top (Edgehill Drive)
Jim Mayer Riverwalk Bridge Street Trailhead N40°17.632104' W78°55.100126
Jim Mayer Riverwalk Michigan Avenue Trailhead N40°16.933109' W78°54.967196
Laurel Ridge State Park Route 56, Hawks Pike Trailhead N40°24.801 W079°00.811' 1293 ft
Pasquerilla Fountain Downtown N40°19.540406' W78°55.093689'
Point Park Confluence of Three Rivers N40°19.848105' W78°55.497952'
Sandyvale Cemetery Hickory Street Entrance N40°18.835605' W78°54.816241' 1099 ft
Stackhouse Park Upper Trailhead (Luzerne Street) N40°18.9993' W78°56.437798' 1796 ft
Stackhouse Park Lower Trailhead (Norton Road) N40°20.004153' W78°56.540151'
Stone Bridge N40°19.954101' W78°55.497308'
Summit, Babcock Ridge Route 56, Allegheny Mountain N40°11.663' W78°44.011' 2709 ft