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I was born in Johnstown in 1966. I graduated for JHS in 85. I joined the Navy the same year. I live in Virginia but my heart is still in Johnstown. The memories of downtown at Halloween and Christmas time are fresh in my mind. I can still feel the cold chill in the air as I would walk past GLOSSER BROS looking at the painted window that was painted by local high schools. The Christmas parade and all the smiling faces with red cheeks that lined the street just waiting to get a glimpse of Old St. Nick and the snow that cover the roof tops of the displays in the City Park. Now as I grow order in life I do miss the small town atmosphere. I try get back at least every few years to set in the park and reflect on my youth.
- George

Thanks for this web site. It's great! I too have fond memories of shopping in downtown Johnstown, especially at Christmas time. The Penn Traffic windows were wonderful. It was a real treat to eat at the restaurant inside. Started my first engineering job with Penelec on Broad St. in 1967. Still love to walk the downtown area when I get back on visits. Thanks again, and please keep up the good work.
- Ted Fisher - Rochester Hills, Michigan

The Fondest memories Growing up in Johnstown, was during the Christmas season, Going downtown, to GLOSSER BROS. store, The escalator, and going up to the 3rd floor to see the Lionel Trains, Penn Traffic and Bucks By the Fire Station, Coney Island on the opposite side of the street, Walking down the Street and Hearing Guys call over to my Dad "Duane" greeting him, his co workes from the Blast Furnace over in Franklin, ...You will never know how many People from Johnstown I meet down here in Md...I guess we commute to DC for the Jobs, but live in Frederick Because the Hills remind us of our Hometown...JOHNSTOWN, Now our Kids have their Hometown and its hard to go back... Cheerz my Friends in the Friendly City / ALL AMERICAN TOWN
- Terry Hagins - Frederick, Maryland


I was born in Johnstown in 49, and graduated from RHS in 67. From there I went on to school and the USAF. I never got back home. I became disabled in 92, and I am homebound, thus I will never see my home again. There are no words to describe how much I miss Johnstown, the people, and the food. I have lived all over the place and no place can compare to Johnstown. One of the biggest things that makes Johnstown so wonderful is the people. I have been around all type of people, but none can compare to "my people". I go to your site each day, and watch the video of "Bedford Street from Downtown to Penrod Street". I lived off the steet, on Hickory, and my Grandmother lived on Ash. One winter night my mother was coming from Richland, and had to make the turn on to Ash. She got stuck in the snow. Some men from the tavern across the street came over and helped get my Mother out of the snow. It was a wonderful time to me. All of my family are gone the Trexels and McCabes. How I wish I could turn back the hands of time.
- Professor Jake Trexel - Corryton, Tennessee

My family have been in Johnstown for many generations. I have lived in Johnstown since I was 4 yrs old. I have many happy memories growing up here. It is a big growing town that has the "small town" atmosphere. The great people of this town has came together many times to help our city and to rebuild it. I will never forget all the wonderful people that have stopped and offered me a hand throughout the years. There a lot of wonderful and friendly people here. I have traveled to many places but have never found the kindness that you find here. I have two teenagers that I have raised here. I think this is a great area to raise kids. Johnstown will always be my home.
- Yvonne - Johnstown, Pennsylvania


I was born in Johnstown but moved to CA when I was just 12 years old. Even after all of these years I still consider Johnstown my home. I go back once in a while to visit my family and friends. I want to move back when I retire in a few years. As the saying goes "home is where the heart is," and my heart is in Johnstown.
- Betty Horten - Fremont, California

As a teenager, all I wanted to do was leave Johnstown. It was small and boring and dull. But when I went to college in a large city, I despised it. I craved small town life and friendly people. Now am I fortunate enough to work for an organization that helps to promote Johnstown. Every day I see examples of growth and positivity that prove Johnstown is hear to stay and will only get bigger. I'm proud of this town and the people in it. Even though I so badly wanted to escape Johnstown, today my husband and I are proud to call it home.
- Katrina Perkosky - Johnstown, Pennsylvania - Associate Editor, Johnstown Magazine

I am from Johnstown, born and raised here. Graduated from Westmont High in 1969 and left for four years to serve in the USMC. I missed Johnstown the whole time. I came back home for a brief period in the mid Ď70s; married my hometown sweetheart and we left Johnstown together for a new job that sent me on the road and in the sky to many different locations. We both missed Johnstown the whole time. At times, the pain of the longing was amplified when I was away not only from my hometown but my wife during many holidays. At those times she returned to Johnstown and at least the ache was bittersweet, knowing she was home with friends and family. After 25 years we returned in 2005 and bought a little place in Upper Yoder. It has everything in a house that we need or desire. A big fenced in yard for our doggies Boomer and Jesse to run free, a sun/rain/snow deck for the gas grill, a sun porch to grow a pineapple or two, a fireplace we still canít use, a two car garage for our Shiny Red Dodge Ram Hemi Powered 4X4 Quad Cab and assorted yard equipment but most important, our home just happens to be located in our beloved hometown, Johnstown Pennsylvania.
- Frankie, Brenda, Jesse and Boomer Pejack - Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Although I have my own family here in Maryland, Johnstown is Home to me, I still have my family there. It doesn't matter where you live, Jtown is always in my heart. It's friendships from childhood that are still strong today. It's the goodness of the people in Johnstown that I have yet to find anywhere else. Maybe when we retire, we too shall move back.
- Andrea Paratore Stabler

I've always felt that no matter where I've resided, including my current house, that where I'm living at just isn't quite "home". When you move away from Johnstown you realize that the place where you were born and raised is your true home. You can take the kid out of Johnstown but you can't take Johnstown out of the kid.
- Mr. X

One of the main reasons why I moved here was because it was affordable and I love the "small town" atmosphere. I am chosing to stay in Johnstown because I love it here. The people are very friendly, I love the scenic mountains, I have a good job, I do not fear for my children walking down the street and people proudly fly the American flag! Johnstown truly is the "Friendly City".
- Maura Devine


When Dick Enberg from CBS Sports announced that I was from Johnstown, Pa., a huge ovation came from the crowd at Heinz Field. It seemed everyone knew Johnstown! Living in Johnstown means that people will celebrate your accomplishments, even if they don't know you.
- Karlee McQuillen, 2005 Punt, Pass and Kick National Champion - (Johnstown Magazine, April 2005)

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