Johnstown, PA
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Collier's Weekly - July 26 1902 Page Three
JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, THE SCENE OF ONE of the worst catastrophes of modern times, is again given a place of undesirable prominence in the history of the country by the occurrence there of a terrible mining disaster. It was in the mine of the Cambria Iron Company, and an appalling number of men lost their lives from the explosion of the fire-damp or the poison of the after-damp. The mine had been under suspicion for some time, according to the stories of the men, but the dangers known to lurk there did not cause the company to suspend its very profitable operations - "it was one of the best of our mines," said a manager - or the workmen to take unusual precautions - "the average miner doesn't know what fear is," said one of the bosses. And we gravely suspect, from all indications, he doesn't care.