Johnstown, PA
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Gerry Stanek - Brakeman
Gerry Stanek - They Know My Name
Tim Dabbs - Steady Rhythm
The Whiskey River Panhandlers - I'll be Alright
The Whiskey River Panhandlers - Old Number Seven
The Whiskey River Panhandlers - Rattled

Jerry Intihar - After All These Years
Jerry Intihar - Cheer Beers and Tears
Jerry Intihar - Coal Miner's Polka
Jerry Intihar - Pennsylvania Hills
Jerry Intihar - Spanish Nights Vaya Con Dios

Above the Screaming - Monster
Above the Screaming - Not Good Enough for Whitney
Above the Screaming - The Primer
Above the Screaming - Three Lanes to New Jersey
The Chi - Get Up Stand Up
The Chi - She Sells Sanctuary
The Chi - Trampled Under Foot
The Chi - Use Me Up
Dubmissive - Desperation
Dubmissive - Exodus
Dubmissive - Fire of Our Lives
Dubmissive - I'm Waiting
Dubmissive - Rebel Song
Dubmissive - Something to Believe
Elementary Thought Process - Self Surgery
Emmett and Mary - To Absent Strangers
Emmett and Mary - Trilogy Feature
Endless Mike & The Beagle Club - Mr. Miller's Opus
Endless Mike & The Beagle Club - Outlaw Trail
Endless Mike & The Beagle Club - The Yellow Walkie Talkie
Endless Mike & The Beagle Club - Walkin on the Side of the Road
The Enemy Zero - Heart Break Stomp
The Enemy Zero - House of Mirrors
The Enemy Zero - Pinebox Master
The Enemy Zero - Where to Mr. caulfield
February Fourteenth - 8 Years, No Make it 9
February Fourteenth - Dust
February Fourteenth - Rub My Eyes
February Fourteenth - So Repetitive, So Repetitive
February Fourteenth - Telephone Teeth
Jeff Perigo - Need A Little Bit of Sunshine
Jeff Perigo - Slave
Jeff Perigo - Walk These Steps
Litany - Leave It Up To You
Litany - Someday
Litany - Who We Are
Migrations - GWC
Migrations - Over and Done
Migrations - Track Record
Racecar Backwards - I Wish I Knew How to Surf
Racecar Backwards - J.P.'s Song
Racecar Backwards - The Jig
Racecar Backwards - Waiting For The Mike
The Sussex Pledge - Dorm Room Service
The Sussex Pledge - Dreams Reforming
The Sussex Pledge - Silence is Blasphemy
The Sussex Pledge - Sonnet

Metal/Thrash/Death Metal
Dead Clone Disease - Earth Disguised
Dead Clone Disease - Godlike
Dead Clone Disease - Rotting in your Bed
The Defining Hour - Mindset
The Defining Hour - Denial
The Defining Hour - Forgotten
The Defining Hour - Day By Day
The Defining Hour - The Fog
Embalmed with Drew Baney - Excommunicated
Embalmed - Toetags and Bodybags
Solegion - Ignition
Twisted and Used - Count to Ten - Demo
Twisted and Used - Die Tonite
Twisted and Used - I Said Enough
Twisted and Used - Scunt Remix
Twisted and Used - Shattered Dreams
Twisted and Used - Soldier of War
Twisted and Used - This Pain Remix
Twisted and Used - Whispers - Demo
Westmont Ski Club - Mazel Toy
Westmont Ski Club - No More

Gregor Dies - Care to Look Up
Gregor Dies - Cigarette Machine
Gregor Dies - Intro Black Heart
Gregor Dies - Mimi Black
Gregor Dies - Swine Demo

Dan Davidson - Amarillo by Morning
Dan Davidson - Like Red on a Rose
Dan Davidson - Rainin' You
Dan Davidson - The Top

Jordan and Chris - Break My Fall
Jordan and Chris - I Can Make It
Jordan and Chris - Thrilled

10/27 - When You're Gone You're Gonna Miss It
10/27 - Conscience Artist
10/27 - Favorite President
10/27 - H.A.D.
10/27 - Heaven
10/27 - Hell
10/27 - Johnstown Tribute
Dommie-O - 080307 Freewrite
Dommie-O - Automatic
Dommie-O - Fukum
Dommie-O - Keep It Movin
Dommie-O - My Diary
Dommie-O - We In Here
Tito Yoosh - The Black Forever
Tito Yoosh - Black Rose in the Bouquet
YC Flood City - Pistolvania

Pittsburgh Steelers
1973 Steelers Fight Song
1978 Steelers Fight Song
1995 Steelers Fight Song
Concrete - Black and Gold
In Acchord - Go Steelers
Jimmy Psihoulis - Steelers Polka
Manic D - Steelers Anthem
Mr. Devious - Puhluhmahlu
Ruff Chemistry - Big Nasty D
Steelers For New Orleans Battle

Penn State University
Alma Mater
Fight on, State
The Nittany Lion
The Nittany Lion Singing

University of Pittsburgh
Alma Mater
Hail to Pitt
Victory Fanfare
Victory Song

The Andrews Sisters - Pennsylvania Polka