Johnstown, PA
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2012-12-18 Stone Bridge
2012-10-30 Greenhouse Park High Water from Hurricane Sandy Remnants
2011-12-08 Snowy Johnstown (Richland and Mine 40)
2011-10-29 Snowy Johnstown
2011-10-12 Stone Bridge
2011-10-09 Stone Bridge
2011-10-08 Stone Bridge
2011-10-07 Stone Bridge
2011-01-27 Snowy Johnstown
2011-01-21 Roxbury Park - Winter/Snow
2010-07-11 Lower Ore Yard Site
2010-05-27 Johnstown Galleria, Richland
2010-03-22 Jim Mayer Riverwalk - Spring
2010-03-14 Franklin Street Bridge High Water
2010-03-13 Greenhouse Park High Water
2010-02-27 Inclined Plane
2009-12-12 Stackhouse Park/Elk Run - Winter/Snow
2009-11-09 Heffley Spring
2009-11-09 Laurel Ridge State Park/Big Spring Reservoir - Fall Foliage
2009-10-25 Stackhouse Park/Elk Run - Fall Foliage
2009-04-27 Flood Memorial
2009-04-27 Wagner-Ritter House and Gardens
2009-03-27 Discovery Center
2009-03-27 Flood Museum
2009-02-04 Bridge Street, Moxham
2009-02-03 Bridge Street, Moxham
2009-01-18 Richland Town Centre, Richland
2008-10-26 Lorain Park Nature Trail/Sam's Run
2008-10-19 Lorain Park Nature Trail/Sam's Run
2008-03-01 Snowstorm
2007-09-30 James Wolfe Sculpture Trail
2006-12-14 Fog
2006-04-03 Hailstorm
Bottleworks Center
Central Park
Chapel Arch
Discovery Center
Grandview Cemetery
2008-11 Grandview Cemetery in the Fog
Inclined Plane
Luzerne Street
Oklahoma House
Roxbury Bandshell
Stone Bridge
Train Caboose
Fall Foliage
Nature Goes to Sleep
Winter Wonderland
Central Park
Lincoln Street Park
Roxbury Park
Sandyvale Cemetery Memorial Garden
Stackhouse Park/Elk Run