Marques Bovre - Tanqueray & Chrome

Woke up at the crack of noon 
And I found the blues was in my blood. 
There were sandbags on my levee, 
Hooks was draggin' and my head was fulla mud.
Feelin' just like Pennsylvania, 
Five minutes before the Johnstown flood. 

I found the message in the bottle
And I found the body on the beach.
He liquidated all his assets 
And died of window-washer reach. 
There wasn't room to lay beside him,
And there wasn't any time to try and preach. 

They caught him swimmin' to the shore, 
When he was 20,000 miles away from home.
He thought he was a young Columbus 
Searchin' for the land of Tanqueray & Chrome. 
He lit out for Preservation Hall 
And ended up inside the Superdome. 

So if you're lookin' for some heroes, 
Better set your ear upon the outlaw trail. 
And if you wanna churn some butter,
 Better go and catch a tiger by the tail;
Chased by some polyester posse 
Who just live to hear the sirens wail. 

Because when all guitars are outlawed, 
Only outlaws will be playin' their guitars. 
Out on the edges of your city, 
They'll be playin' loud and livin' in their cars. 
But they won't play no beer commercials,
Sing in videos or piss in any jars.
They're gonna get you when you're young 
and when you're hungry and you haven't got a clue.
They're gonna kill you in the classroom, 
Then they'll cook you in a mediocre stew. 
The GOP and MTV have got a sparkle in their eye for little you. 

I'm goin' down to Old New Mexico,
I welcome everyone to come along.
Live in the shadow of a mountain, 
Singin' scorpion and iguana songs.
Singin' praises down the canyon,
Singin' 27,000 voices strong.